Thinking about transparency

I watched a Simon Sinek talk last night about transparency and honesty, it got me thinking about something that’s been bugging me for a while now. I feel like as small business owners we think we have to act big and say how amazing everything is no matter how far that may be from the truth.

Deep down I used to fear that, despite our experience and references, if I revealed that we were a company ran by 2 people that happen to be married we’d be thought of as a fraud or another garage based pyramid scheme selling body wraps or diet pills. Sure we hire some awesome people we know when we have huge projects, but day in and day out? It’s mostly me sitting at my computer analyzing data, trying to schedule meetings, going to meetings, thinking, drinking coffee, writing, and working.

I’ve learned how much courage and conviction it takes to run your own business, and that there’s never a time when it’s glamourous. There’s a reason that you’re a small business owner and I am too. Sometimes I think part of it may be that we like punishment, but mostly I think it’s the reward of doing something. Really doing something.

I feel like when you’re honest with another small business owner and get past the bullshit we find out that we all struggle. At times I’ve got too much work, at times I’m grinding trying to find that next client. I’ve sat in my office and wondered out loud if I’m crazy, if I should pack it in and go back to the corporate life.

We’ve got a daughter who’s almost 2 now and she spends most days away from us while we work which sucks, but especially so on the days where it seems like nothing gets done. I know you know how it feels, every day, every moment away from our loved ones has to be worth it right?

We keep going though. I have faith that there’s more business owners just like me out there and we’ll find each other.  I don’t cure cancer, I’m not researching a way to end world hunger, if you are that’s awesome! As small business owners in our little part of the world we’re all just people, people that are trying to do something fulfilling together.

Well, my daughter is home today and just woke up from her nap. I hope some of this resonates with you and helps you realize you’re not alone.


Ryan Royal runs the day to day operations at Big Buck Research & Analytics, a full service market research and database analytics firm that levels the playing field for small and mid sized businesses. He enjoys living life as a husband, father and business owner. You can follow Ryan on LinkedIn, and Big Buck on Twitter, and Facebook or subscribe to the blog!



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